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In our previous post, What You Can Learn From Buzzfeed about User Engagement, we used Buzzfeed as a case study for effective reaction tools:

“Google is filled with posts analyzing Buzzfeed’s recipe for viral content. Instead of investing the content itself, I will explore the ways in which Buzzfeed allows users to react to its content. Though this explores less of the ‘attracting users’ side of Buzzfeed’s success, it can help explain how Buzzfeed has been able tomaintain its audience and even build a community around its website.”

For those inspired by Buzzfeed’s “Your Reaction?” section and looking it to your wordpress site, I have both good and bad news: the bad news is that buzzfeed does not provide their badges or “Your Reaction?” as a plugin, but the good news is that there is a great substitute plugin.



Introducing Feelbacks!



Taken directly from the plugin page:

“At the end of an article, readers can evaluate the content according to five emotions.
Feelbacks rating system includes related content recommendations and social analytics dashboard. This votes plugin allow any website to engage and grow their traffic, market their content (both internally and externally via facebook share), gain insights, and monetize their traffic.”

You can choose to have text buttons, just like the “Your Reaction” Buttons that appear on Buzzfeed,


Feelbacks wordpress


Or you can choose to use these adorable emoji like icons for your reactions.



Here is a side by side of Buzzfeed’s “Your Reaction?” and Vicomi’s Feelbacks

Feelbacks wordpress






It’s not an exact replica of Buzzfeed’s “Your Reaction?”, but the idea is the same; both tools provide ways for your users to provide their reaction to your articles in a more complex and complete way than a simple “like” button or five star rating system.

“Though the binary facebook “like” button may have some benefits, giving users more reaction options, not only allows them to engage with the content in a new way, but also provides you, the content creator, a fuller measure of responses. Humans are more complex then just “liking” or “not liking” a post, so use a reaction metric that allows for a wider range of feelings.”

Want to get the Feelbacks Plugin?


You can get the free WordPress plugin here

Don’t have a WordPress site? Vicomi offers the Feelbacks on their website as an html code that you can add to any site.

Just register here to get your free html plugin code.