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Facebook can’t be ignored because it has nearly 2 billion users. The system of “likes,” however, isn’t very useful in gauging the quality of your content. Many users admit they just click the link based on what they see in their news feed. Thankfully there are several better ways to gauge your influence.


The Best Alternatives to the “Like” System:


#1. The 5 Star Rating


You’ll see this on Google and sites like Netflix. By being able to rate anything between 1-5 stars, a better overall quality measurement can be maintained. Over time this is a better system, but in the beginning it can be ineffective because a series of emotionally negative ratings can artificially influence the emotions and purchasing decisions of others.


#2. Feelbacks


Vicomi Feelbacks lets you tap into the emotions that people have when viewing your content. Why is this important? A better understanding of how visitors are reacting to your content can let you know how effective it happens to be. You get a better chance to go viral because people share content that is interesting and creates an emotional effect in an authentic way.


#3. Email Address Collection


The problem with Facebook “likes” is that they don’t allow for any real dialogue. If you shift your focus to a system that allows users to enter in an email address for future updates, you’ve got the ability to market additional useful content. This also leads to more impressions, clicks, and hits.


People don’t just browse the internet logically. They do so with their emotions on their sleeve. Implementing a way to give people the chance to express those emotions allows your content to have a greater impact for you.