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Content recommendation tools make sure that you get the right content in front of the right prospect at the right time. These recommendation engines work using different algorithms but their main goal is to identify the user and suggest the content they will most likely click on and enjoy.

Here are some of the top companies with content recommendation tools and what they do:



This is a tool for businesses of all sizes whether big or medium or small. It helps promote your content on the most visited websites such as CNN, Time, Slate and ESPN. It aids in promotion of articles, videos, slideshows, info-graphics and other content which are informative, entertaining and derive high value for the audience. This tool is used by many marketers since payment is based on number of clicks. Outbrain also provides advanced testing and conversion tools to help a business to achieve their goals.




Taboola makes use of predictive discovery engine to create a strong emotional connection with customer and gives incentives to the customers as well by lowering their acquisition costs. It is relevant for all industries i.e., for Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C). Taboola helps you get the right audience and thus acquire the market leads which consequentially boost sales. The content is displayed on premium publisher websites such as Business insider, USA today, and Weather Channels using a specifically designed algorithmic engine.


Gravity is a tool which helps to personalize anything and everything on the internet. It uses an Interest Graph to analyze the taste of your visitors. Most websites now have too much content, making it difficult for the visitor to find what is interesting to them. Gravity personalizes the internet, so visitors can find suitable and interesting content.


Yahoo Recommends

Yahoo has come up with its new service of recommendation. It makes use of a different and interactive recommendation formula. Yahoo ensures that its recommended content is of the best quality by determining that it’s product do not have relevance or quality issues. It increases the engagement of visitor by circulating them the desired content. It also provides a dashboard to monitor the website and increasing performance.