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Are you tired of blog posts that are getting a dozen hits at most? Knowing how to promote your blog can help to bring in more unique visitors, create more fans, and expand your presence on the internet. Here are some easy ways to get started.

1. Use bookmarking

Sites like StumbleUpon can increase traffic by up to 4% just by including a button on your blog. Sharing occasional posts that are brilliant on your accounts adds to this traffic.

2. Find your niche

Content today is all about expertise. You’ve got to tell your story in your own unique way. If you are different, then you can begin building an impact.

3. Make it easy to share

You’ve likely linked your blog to social media. Good. Now make your content fun and easy to share. Titles that are inviting and pictures that are enticing will encourage others to do the promotion work for you.

4. Be personal

Sharing links through email can help to promote a blog, but only if it is in an engaging way. Form letters are not the way to go. A personal message, handwritten by you, communicates that you care. Build a subscriber list through this method and people will eventually click because of notifications instead of your email writing skills.

5. Reach out to others

Talk with other bloggers in your field. Offer guest writing posts. Link to other blogs that are similar, but not exact. Networking your blog is sometimes the most effective marketing method.


Finding out how to promote your blog is different for every person. Some blogs do better on social media, while others perform well through networking. Be creative, continue being yourself, and use these methods so that you can build an amazing online presence over time.