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If you aren’t making money with your online presence, then you’re missing out a potentially profitable experience. Here are the top ways to monetize your site/blog right now.


1. PPC or CPM Advertising

This is the most common method of monetization. It’s also one of the easiest. Just sign up for your preferred PPC advertising provider, including locations for banner links, and begin collecting for clicks and impressions that occur.


2. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re great at sales, then this method of monetization is for you. Affiliates are basically independent representatives of a company. When you create a sale through your blog/site, then you earn a commission.


3. Find Sponsors

For those who don’t like the idea of advertising or marketing, then finding a sponsor for your site/blog is the way to go. If you have community connections, a solid reader base, and niche expertise to offer, then you might just cash in with a business that wants their brand associated with yours.


4. Sell Stuff

If you create amazing things, then your online presence can become a way to create sales. The same is true for those who provide certain services. Payment processing is easy thanks to sites like WePay and PayPal so anyone with a computer, a payment account, and a site or blog can begin earning what they’re worth.


5. Ask for Donations

There’s a good chance that your loyal readers are going to support you. Sometimes something as simple as placing a donation button your site for $1 is enough to bring in a surprising amount of money. You also give readers a no obligation choice. No one has to contribute if they don’t want to do so.


There are numerous other ways to monetize your site/blog in addition to these proven methods. You can sell your site at auction, provide in-text links, or even start a paid membership to access special content you create. The bottom line is this: you’ve got to do something to make money. These methods will help to get you started.