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How you say things is sometimes more important than what you say.

Seth Grimes of Alta Plana Corporation in his 2016 blog confirms that emotions drive interactions. And interactions lead to profits.

This article will try to explain how some of the emotions analytics tools are helping content professionals drive interactions and more sales.

  1. Myeffecto – This emotional analytics plugin is customizable and is available in some languages. The WordPress community used it because of its basic version is free (but they sell your data..) service and basic support. The main features of this tool are:-
  • Customizable emoji’s, so that you can express your emotions in many ways.
  • Ability to recommend the other posts on your blog depending on your visitors’ reaction.
  • You can track the sentiments of your visitors by a click-in mechanism.
  • You can upload your favorite emoji’s.


One of the good things going for this plugin is blog promotion. Based on your content, category and tags, Myeffecto can promote your blog to fetch you extra traffic.

  1. Emolytics – Another tool to understand and map the emotions of your visitors is Emolytics. But, this tool is meant for surveying your readers’ impressions of your content. The company claims to have tracked more than a million visitors so far and has quite a line up of clients.

If yours is a brand and not just another website, then the following benefits of this tool might interest you:-

  • This is mainly a feedback for consumers. Not a reactions bar. Be careful before using it.
  • You are able to install the plugin (sometime nothing work..) This tool goes along with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal and other platforms.
  • Discover how your customers feel by installing relevant emoji’s. Categorise your happy/sad, etc. visitors according to gender, age and mood.
  • Get a qualitative feedback from your readers by way of charts and tables.
  • Understand your customers according to their demographic and socio-economic data.
  • You can audit your brand by installing this plugin on your WordPress site.


  1. Emotify – This blogger-audience engagement tool operates quite like Facebook. It works smartly and records accurately the emotional reactions of readers and subscribers of blogs, new websites and other content forms.

Emotify works at three levels:-

  • Emotify Reaction records accurate real-time reactions of readers.
  • Emotify Re-engage – This tool can intuitively judge the moods of the readers and accordingly recommend the relevant content.
  • Emotional Analytics – This tool works quite like the other analytics tools except that it gives an overview of the website. The metrics given out are related to the emotional state of the readers.


If you want to connect with your audience in the most humane way, then this emotional analytics plugin can be of great help. This tool understands the mood of your audience and helps you design your content according to it. It automatically assists you by showcasing the relevant content to the relevant audience depending on their frame of mind. You can easily measure the emotional impact of your website by using this plugin.

  1. Vicomi – Finally, let’s consider Vicomi, a smart emotional analytics tool that intelligently predicts the reactions of the blog readers, builds communities, tracks actions and indirectly helps you monetize your content. A recent article in The Next Web describes Vicomi as “Revolutionary in the Like” world. They are the biggest and the most advanced (by far) from all others.


Instead of the regular feedbacks and upvotes of Facebook and Reddit, Vicomi has introduced ‘Feelbacks’, a complex algorithm that deploys a range of emotions. The makers of this plugin believe that while conveying their emotions, Vicomi helps people create communities. An interesting find during the “Feelbacks” beta trial was that readers who responded with an angry emoji tended to read more of the content. Apparently, as per the study, happy readers tend to check out advertisements whereas the angry ones are on the hunt for more angry content online.

It is insights like these provided by Vicomi that could revolutionize the entire understanding of reader feedback and enable bloggers to transpose their content design to a whole new level.

To Sum It Up

Blogging is not just about writing content. Only blogs and blog content that have engaging content for their readers will rise above the noise. And the first step to creating engaging content is understanding what readers are looking out for. There are dynamic plugins like Vicomi‘s reactions bar which intuitively predict the reactions of the readers of blogs and websites, and offer a comprehensive insight that will help you in the future course of accurately designing your content.