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Its no wonder that sites over the web are trying to capture Buzzfeeds recipe for virality: drawing over half a billion page views, and over 160 million people this month, Buzzfeed effectively attracts and maintains an eager audience to its site.

Google is filled with posts analyzing Buzzfeed’s recipe for viral content. However, usually overlooked is Buzzfeed’s layout and engagement tools which also play a huge role in its great success. This includes everything from the “your reaction?” feedback system, gif reactions, to the famous buzzfeed badges.

Below I go over some of Buzzfeeds greatest engagement tools and how you can get them for your Wordpress site. With these tools, you too can get that perfect Buzzfeed Feel for your Wordpress site:

How to Create a Website like Buzzfeed



1) Buzzfeed Theme

There are a variety of themes you can choose from to make your site act and look like Buzzfeed’s, right off the bat. Probably one of the most popular, and our favorite, option is called Bimber by bringthepixel.



The theme will cost you about $49, but in our opinion, its well worth the price.

You can see a demo and learn more here.


2) Buzzfeed Quizzes

Buzzfeed is famous for the viral quizzes which evoke a healthy dose of narcissm in their visitors.

To recreate Buzzfeed type quizzes you can add a PlayBuzz  quiz to your site.

If you write blogs about travel you can make a personality quiz about “Where I should travel to next” or if you have an online entertainment magazine let users rank their favorite celebrities. Then post it on your social media accounts and encourage users to share their results. If you are successful, it should spread, attracting new users to your site.




To get a brief overview of Playbuzz and how to use it, read: How to use PlayBuzz for Viral Content


3) Reaction system “Your Reaction?”-

Buzzfeed asks users to react to the content based on 11 potential responses (<3, </3, OMG, WTF, FAIL, TRASHY, LOL, CUTE, EW, WIN, YAAASS). The choices are fun and reflect the Buzzfeed style while allowing users to respond in a variety of ways.

Vicomi offers a reaction plugin similar to the one that appears on Buzzfeed.

You can choose to have text buttons, just like the “Your Reaction” Buttons that appear on Buzzfeed,


Feelbacks wordpress


Or you can choose to use these adorable emoji like icons for your reactions.



You can read about it here, Buzzfeed “Your Reaction?” Wordpress Plugin, or download the wordpress plugin here


Curious to see how it works? Try it out below and let us know what you think of this article: