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Playbuzz surprised everyone last November beating out past winners, the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, as the most-shared English language site on Facebook. This was the first time since Facebook started recording data on publishers that neither the Huffington Post nor Buzzfeed won.



PlayBuzz seemingly appeared from nowhere trumping this two viral content behemoths. So what is exactly is PlayBuzz and how can you use it to make viral content of your own?


What is PlayBuzz?

PlayBuzz describes themselves as “an open network for publishers, bloggers and brands to create and share playful content items such as quizzes, lists and polls”. “Playful content” refers to both the fluffy themes of the content – with breaking news stories like: Hard Tacos are Impossible to Eat:


– as well as the playful format in which is shared (i.e. Quizzes, listicles, and memes). Users interact with the content and then post their quiz results, or share the lists on their Facebook or twitter.


How to use PlayBuzz

Its very simple to use PlayBuzz to create  with PlayBuzz:

1. Create an Account

2. Choose a Format:

1. Poll

2. List

3. Personality Quiz

4. Trivia

5. Ranked List

6. Galley Quiz






3. Add your own text and images:


4. Publish It:

You can publish it on either the PlayBuzz site or your own.


That’s It!


Why Use PlayBuzz?

If PlayBuzz’s Facebook rankings prove anything then they have hit on something pretty powerful in terms of what kind of content users like to share. The mixture of playful themes, easy to digest content, and hint of narcissism that attracts us to personality quizzes, has formed the perfect recipe for sharing.

So try making a personality quiz and embedding it to your website. If you write blogs about travel you can make a personality quiz about “Where I should travel to next” or if you have an online entertainment magazine let users rank their favorite celebrities. Then post it on your social media accounts and encourage users to share their results. If you are successful, it should spread, attracting new users to your site.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to use PlayBuzz is that it is completely free. Have fun with your audience by creating something interactive and maybe even a bit silly. Plus,  for the price, you don’t have much to lose.


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