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Blogger is a great place for writers like yourself looking to get your content out there and start forming a reader base. However, after a certain point you may start to feel limited by bloggers platform and will look to graduate to a more complex platform where you have more freedom to customize the look and feel of your site.

Though you will look to spread your wings to bigger and better platforms there are many features from blogger that you may wish to keep.

A popular blogger feature, reactions, is a feature that many exblogger users wish to add to their new site.

The good news is not only is the reaction feature available outside of blogger, but there are new and improved versions of it to add to your site.

But first…

What Are Blogger Reactions?

“Reactions are an easy way for your readers to leave feedback on your blog without leaving a comment.”

Reactions – usually displayed underneath an article or video – allow users to leave feedback with just the click of the button.

The plugin asks, “what do you think of this post?” or “what is your reaction?”.

Users can then select their reaction from the set of choices.

Inspiring feelbacks

Content Writers can then see how their audience is reacting, while users can see what others think of the article.

The Blogger Reactions Tool allows for a more complex feedback system than the simple “like” or “dislike”, and standard “five star rating” system.


Blogger Reactions for Your Website

For the writers who have graduated from blogger but are wondering, “how can I add Blogger Reactions to my website”, luckily there is a great free substitute!

Vicomi offers a free tool called Feelbacks which works like an updated version of the “Blogger Reactions”.

Like the “Blogger Reactions” you can select buttons with text reactions:

Feelbacks wordpress

Vicomi, additionally, offers the option to use icons, rather than text buttons, for your reaction buttons.



You can get the free widget here


For Instructions on how to add Vicomi Feelbacks to your site: follow these steps but use the Feelbacks Registration rather than the Comments Registration.