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Many companies struggle to maintain a stable online presence. These companies can learn the important customer engagement tips from some of the popular corporate blogs. These company blogs create great content, and use effective interface design to increase the customer traffic to their website.

If you want to encourage more viewers to repeatedly visit your company website, you can take inspiration from the following blogs:

 Home Depot

Simple blogs such as the ones posted by Home Depot can be a good way of increasing customer engagement. Home Depot posts a series of articles on the apron blog to improve the viewer traffic on their website. The blogs are mostly concentrated on showing the audience the different ways in which they can use the company’s products. One of the best features of the home depot blog is the product promotions in the blogs are subtle and relevant to the context of the company.

General Electric

There are some company blogs that have changed their online marketing strategy tremendously over the years. One such example is the General Electric blog. The GE blog has an appealing interface that matches with the type of content they are posting. To engage the customer with the GE brand, the blog mentions the progress that the company has made over the years. It shows that the product range has diversified to a large extent. The blog also has detailed posts regarding the recent scientific developments and technical news.


One of the most popular websites of recent times is Disney. The blog interface is aligned with the marketing strategy they have. The blogs show the different products that the company sells through a good graphically designed interface. To make the blogs more engaging it also has personal stories of the visitors that regularly buy Disney products.


Creating innovative content like ADP can be a great way of directing traffic to your company blog. ADP blogs provide a good list of articles for the viewers to read. The interface is easy to use as the articles are mostly related to entrepreneurship and management. ADP provides the users with high quality information that helps in getting loyal customers.


Blogs with serious content tend to have limited readers. Allstate blogs present the users with the content that is based on safety tips for personal and business use. The interface of the website looks organised enough for the users to access the blogs easily. Due to the high quality of the blogs, the social media pages of Allstate get higher traffic.


There is no template for making a perfect blog; instead, you have to find out what sort of content is interesting and useful to your customers, and bring it all together with a beautiful design and great user interface. We hope these examples inspire new ideas for your company’s blog.


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