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What is UX? It’s stands for “user experience” and refers to how visitors are able to interact, navigate, and communicate while on your website. Content might be king, but a good UX is absolutely necessary for people to want to keep coming back for more content. Here are the best ways to improve the UX of your website right now.


#1. Make your site easy to navigate. Menu options should be able to take visitors to the content they want to see immediately. Consider using sub-menus to help people easily move from page to page.


#2. Let visitors express themselves. Plugins like Feelbacks allow visitors to do more than just comment on your content. They can also communicate how your content makes them feel. This provides you with a way to engage with visitors to begin establishing meaningful relationships and brand loyalty.


#3. Provide multiple forms of content. Not everyone wants to read a 500 word article. Sometimes people would rather read content than watch a video. Audio content that can be downloaded for listening later on in the day might be what the visitor wants. Publish multiple forms of content to reach the most customer segments possible.


#4. Limit huge file uploads. Fast website speeds are critical to an improved UX. If you have large graphic images uploaded to your pages, then your site could be taking too long to load – especially for mobile users. Limit the file sizes of all file uploads as much as possible.


#5. Be responsive. You don’t need to immediately respond to comments, but try to get a response published in 24 hours or less. This lets visitors see that you are active and engaged with your site and want more than clicks on advertising banners.


#6. Make your content easy to share. We all want access to valuable information. We also like to share it with our family and friends. Having content that is easy to share is a simple, yet effective method of improving your UX right away.


A good UX can help to erase the small errors some visitors might spot on your site. It will also help you to form lasting relationships with your visitors so your web presence can continue to build.