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Blogging can be an essential way to provide supplemental content to a primary site. It’s also a useful way to document what you’re passionate about. If your blog isn’t getting the hits it deserves, then here are some blogging tips that can help you change that right now.


#1. Shorten your content. Most blog posts today are in the 250-500 word range. Although longer content is good for SEO purposes, short posts capture a reader’s attention. People like something they can read quickly, yet still be able to learn something in that time.


#2. Create key points to consider. This makes the reading process even faster. By breaking up a blog post into separated key points, you can let visitors pick and choose the items that are most important to them.


#3. Emoji use needs to be considered. It can be difficult sometimes to understand the “tone” of words that your blog post contains. Incorporating emoji within the content or allowing readers to comment their own emotions about the post can help visitors engage more because they understand your position in a better way.


#4. Keep it streamlined. If you have flashing GIFs, random music playing, and advertising banners everywhere, it can be difficult for a visitor to focus on your actual content. If you keep the design of your blog streamlined and simple, you’ll be able to have a greater influence on each visitor because they’re focused on what you’re trying to say.


Blogging can be difficult at times, especially when it seems like no one is paying attention to your site. Implement these tips today and you may just find some more traffic headed your way.