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Looking to start a blog, or searching for ways to improve your current one? We have compiled a list of the best Wordpress plugins to help enhance the look and feel of your blog, decrease loading speed, and improve SEO, social sharing and audience engagement. All of these plugins are easy to download and add to your site – oh  and did we mention that they are all FREE.

Here is our list of our favorite FREE Wordpress plugins for your blog:

1. Page Builder by Site Origin

Definitely one of the best plugins out there. Page Builder allows you to build responsive page layouts by simply dragging and dropping widgets onto the page. You can design your pages quickly and easily without the hassle of coding. A must have for anyone looking to create beautiful customized blog sites.

2. WP

Though images are an important part of any blog, the larger the files in your post, the slower the page loads. Sluggish loading pages can limit traffic on your site and even affect your SEO. WP, a free image optimizer plugin, reduces the size of your file without losing quality, so you don’t have to choose between your beautiful images and your page views.

3. Voting- Feelbacks

The Vicomi rating plugin allows your readers to leave an emotional reaction or “Feelback” to your post. They offer a variety of cute designs from Emoji faces (happy, amused, indifferent, excited, angry) to fun text buttons for a younger audience (inspring, fab!, ROTFL, Huh?, and Scandy).  The responses are displayed in real time and give you insights into how your audience is reacting to your posts.

4. Digg Digg

Want more views on your posts? Make it easy for your readers to share the articles on their social media pages. Digg Digg, floats the share buttons so that they are more accessible and visible to your readers, leading to more shares and more traffic to your site.

Also check out Floating Social Media Icon for floating icons linking to your social media profiles.

5. Wordpress SEO by Yoast

You may produce the best posts, but without proper optimization, chances of people reading your blog are pretty slim. SEO by Yoast forces you to choose a focus keyword and then makes sure you use that focus keyword “everywhere” in your post. The plugin promises to improve your site’s SEO “on all needed aspects”, helping you write better and more searchable content.

6. BackWPup

BackWPup is a great plugin to secure a backup for your website. It automatically delivers the backups into various destinations including Dropbox, S3, SugarSync or even to a FTP server. You can choose to execute a backup yourself or set a schedule that will automatically backup selected content.

Honorable Mentions

Google Adsense – manage your ads quickly and easily with a easy point-and-click interface.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget– allows you to add rich text and media to your sidebar without having to code it yourself.

Polylang – create a multilingual Wordpress site by defining the language of your posts.

Advanced Code Editor – for the more tech saavy bloggers, this helps you go in and edit the code for your theme and plugins


With the help of these free plugins, you can now concentrate on the most important part of any great blog: the content.

Do you have a favorite plugin that we didn’t mention here? Feel free to add it below in the comments.