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Polls are a great way to communicate with your audience while also gaining usable data for your website. You can add a feedback poll to ask your readers, “what type of content would you would like more of”, or “ways in which we can improve your experience”; you can create a poll to learn about your audience by asking “who are you voting for in the next election” or “how many hours do you use facebook every week”; or you can even ask your readers trivial questions like, “what is your favorite ice cream flavor” as a way to simply engage with your audience on a more interactive level.

Any way you decide to use your poll, there are luckily tons of FREE poll plugins on Wordpress.

Here are the top 3 sorted by ease of use, design capabilities, and customization options:


Ease of Use – YOP Poll

The YOP Poll Plugin is extremely easy to use, and is great for those looking to quickly add a standard poll to their page.

To use this plugin, add it here, edit the question and answers text, and then choose a template option for your poll:


The poll offers a widget functionality making it easy to add to your pages.

The results are displayed in the “results” tab. You can choose to display the Poll results by vote numbers, percentages or a combination for the two.

You can choose the order that your answers are displayed in: in exact order, in alphabetical order, by number of votes, ascending, or descending.


Some other great features of this plugin:

○ Poll scheduling – You can schedule the start and end date of each poll.

○ Permissions/ Security – You can choose to limit the poll to certain users (guests or registered user), as well as ban specific users by email, username and IP.


Design Capabilites – OpinionStage

OpinionStage is for those looking to create some beautiful polls that stand out on the page. Just check out some of these examples Opinion Stage provides:

You can see more examples here.

OpinionStage gives you the option to add images as well as videos to your poll.

To create a poll, you must first signup on Opinion Stage  with a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. You then install the Opinion Stage Social Poll plugin here, and  copy the unique poll ID into the “Insert Poll popup on Wordpress” (instructions are also provided on the Opinion Stage site).
Some other great features of this plugin:

○  Social Sharing – Opinion Stage is designed to be shared socially:

• Users vote using their “social network identities” (or anonymously).

• After submitting a vote users are prompted to share their votes in the various social networks.

• You can determine what text, image and links are displayed when your users share your poll.

○ Even the dashboard for OpinionStage is good-looking:


Customization – WP-Polls

WP-Polls on the surface comes across as a standard simple poll plugin. It allows you to create simple polls like this:

Although the plugin is easy to use for those looking to create a simple poll, it is also “extremely customizable”.  For the more daring designers who want to edit almost every part of the poll, WP-Polls gives you this option via templates and css styles.

Another great feature of this plugin:

○ Support: If you are a little hesitant about the level of complexity in customizing your own poll, there is a helpful FAQ page, plus the plugin author is particularly good at answering any questions questions on the support page.



Now that you have your free WP poll plugins, the next step is to find the best questions to ask your audience. Try out different questions and see which gets the most response from your users, and the best data for you. From there, keep trying different question and answer combinations until you are a master at designing polls.

Adding a poll to your site is a great way to start a dialogue with your readers so make sure that it is an interesting dialogue that your audience can engage with.


Do you have a favorite Poll plugin that we missed? A great idea for a Poll question? Let us know below in the Comments.