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Designing a WordPress site which offers a beneficial UX today requires the use of related content plugins. These installations will help you to manage your content wisely, obtain useful feedback, and ultimately take your site to the top of your preferred SERPs.


#1. Vicomi Feelbacks


How do emotions affect which articles your users want to read? Vicomi Feelbacks offers a unique algorithm which suggests related content based off your users mood. This helpful WordPress plugin allows readers 5 different emotional options they can use as a response to the content that you’re posting. It then suggests additional content that they are more likely to read based on their reaction to the current content.


#2. Sparkweb Hide YouTube


Embedding a YouTube video onto your website can provide users with a tremendous amount of interactive content. When that video is over, however, YouTube offers viewers a series of related videos they can also view. Not all of these videos may be useful to your site’s goals. This plugin stops those related videos from showing.


#3. Yuzo


When it comes to internal content management, this plugin is one of the most useful on the internet right now. It offers 60+ customization options, including easy-to-access links to your most popular posts, to keep bounce rates low and user interest levels high.


#4. CRP


What tends to be missing from much of the communication we share with each other on the internet today is context. Many people unintentionally misinterpret the content that is offered and this leads them down a different direction than intended for your site. This related content plugin bases the UX off of contextual information so miscommunication happens less frequently.


#5. Perfect Related Posts


This simple plugin brings in the best related posts that are relevant to the content that a user has accessed. It’s based on the categories that you’re using so there isn’t the same level of misidentification that others plugins tend to have.


Having the top related content plugins available for your WordPress site will help you to dominate your kewyords to you become a niche expert. Install these today and just watch your community begin to build upward.