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Your readers want to engage with your content. Third party comment systems give them the chance to talk with you and open up a dialogue with other readers at the same time. Here are the best options to use for your site right now.


1. Facebook

The 2 billion plus profile power of Facebook is difficult to ignore. Comments go to your site and to the reader’s Facebook profile, which helps to engage their family and friends to your content.


2. Vicomi


People connect through emotion more than they do written words. This third party comment system allows readers to do both. Combining feelbacks with comments and interactions, it is a lot easier to understand how your community feels about what you posted.


3. LiveFyre

 This system holds an advantage in that it can source feedback on your content from anywhere on the internet. User content about your work is everywhere. This system will help you find it so you get to see the big picture.


4. Disqus


If you prefer something that’s a little more traditional, then this third party comment system has what you need. Comments can start a chain where others can reply so there’s a logical flow to the conversation. Comments can be shared and voted up or down as well.


5. Intense Debate

 This system also offers threaded comments and a rating system, but there’s also a self-moderation feature that can get trolls and spam removed. You get better responses and you don’t always have to be around to approve comments.


The best third party comment systems will help to enhance the engagement of your site, draw more viewers to your content, and allow your online presence to grow. Choose the one that is right for you and let the comments flow.