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Running a blog is easier when you’ve got the best blog tools working with you. Here are the top blog tools to use right now so you can spend less time focusing on your structure and more time on your content.

1. Analytics Tool

Knowing how visitors arrive at your blog and how much time they spend on the site is important information. It lets you know what works and what doesn’t work so changes can be made. Google Analytics is by far the best choice of analytics tool for any site.


2. Subscription Tool

If someone stumbles across your blog and loves it, a subscription form allows them to sign up for updates. Relying on bookmarks or the memory of a visitor is a good way to lose traffic instead of build it up. If the subscription is an email form, then you’ve started a marketing list that can be beneficial as well. AWeber is a solid widget choice here.


3. Backup System

After all the hours of hard work building your blog and creating engaging posts you don’t want to risk losing it all in a matter of seconds. Prepare for the worst and make sure that you have a good backup system. You can read about some options here


4. Share Buttons

If you want your blog to grow you need an easy way for your readers to share your content. Add social sharing buttons so all they have to do is click, and you get more traffic to your site. A good option is Share This, which works on every kind of website platform: Wordpress, drupal, joomla, blogger, and more. You also have the option of choosing where on the page you want the buttons to appear.


5. Feedback System

The best blogs allow for a dialogue between the author and their readers. Whether this dialogue takes place in a comments section, in a multiple choice poll, or via a rating system, make sure that you are listening to what your users want from your blog. Vicomi offers various great feedback systems like a comments section (See below) and an emotion rating system.
Other comments options include Disqus, Facebook Comments, and LiveFyre.
You can also read more about different rating options here.


There are plenty of other tools that are also great for specific needs. Uptime Robot lets you know if your blog goes down. FileZilla is a useful FTP tool. BeFunky lets you take photos and edit them with numerous filters and text for free if your blog is for personal use. Use these tools and your blogging life will get easier – that’s a guarantee.