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Writing is actually a solitary pursuit that involves spending hours hunched over the keyboard, pounding word after word, sentence after sentence. With all the time you spend writing posts, why not find ways to make the process easier for yourself?

Luckily for those using Wordpress there are plugins available for anything and everything that a writer could possibly require.

To help you get started, I have compiled a list of the must have plugins. These Wordpress plugins will help you write faster, create better content, and may even improve your SEO while you’re at it.


WordPress SEO by Yoast

Frankly speaking, this plugin is not specifically designed for the writers, but it can definitely be used to create better content. Wordpress SEO forces you to focus your content by targeting one specific keyword, helping to improve your writing as well as your SEO.


Google Analytics by Yoast

This plugin is really effective in helping you decide what type of content will be beneficial for your website. With Google Analytics by Yoastm you can check out the demographics, search results, downloads and acquisitions. Using this data, you can make sure you are tailoring your content to the right audience.


Just Writing

If you opt for complete distraction free writing, you’ll want to add ‘Just Writing’. The plugin gives you the option of adding additional commands within the toolbar, including various styling options, spell check, alignments for heading, cut, copy, paste, undo and redo.


WP Super Edit

This plugin is great for those who want their posts to look a certain way but don’t have time to mess with the html. Using a drag and drop interface you can add more buttons and customized TinyMCE plugins, giving you have more control in the visual editor.


FD Word Statistics

This specially designed plugin counts the average number of words per sentence as well as the average number of syllables per word. The plugin uses “The Gunning-Fog method” to detect the average number of difficult words per sentence or per paragraph. Words are considered to be difficult or repelling for a target audience if they consist of three or more syllables.


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