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Facebook recently released their new “Reaction” buttons as a way to provide a more nuanced response system than a simple “like”.

The Facebook Reactions offer a wider range of emotional responses for with 6 choices (5 new) Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry.


Unfortunately, these reaction buttons are currently only available on Facebook and therefore, unlike the Facebook comments system, there is no simple plugin or code to add them to your Wordpress page.


But here is the good news:

For those looking for a Facebook Reactions Plugin to get emotional feedback on their posts, there is a great substitute available as a FREE Wordpress Plugin.


Vicomi Feelbacks 

Vicomi Feelbacks, like the Facebook buttons, offer a variety of emotions which your users simply click on to react to your content.

Try it out:



Have a post that shocks your users? At the bottom of the article your users can then select the “Wow” icon from the 5 options and easily tell you what they are feeling. Like the Facebook Reaction Buttons, Feelbacks provides more options for your users than a simple “like”, while still remaining simple and fun to use.


Unlike the Facebook Reaction Buttons, Feelbacks come with a variety of design options to choose from.


A few examples here:

On top of all of that, it even comes with its own dashboard!
The dashboard offers some cool stats like “which emotion leads users to spend more time on the article”, and “how emotions affect the number of page views”.

You can learn more about their dashboard in the video below (taken from the plugin page):

You can get the free Feelback Reactions wordpress plugin here


For those who don’t have a Wordpress page you can also get your free html code by registering on their website, here.


So what do you think? Let me know by clicking on one of the reactions above or by letting me know in the comments section.