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Are Emotional Responses Metrics or Just Simple Feedback?


Two companies are utilizing emotional responses in two very different ways. For Facebook, emotional responses are a way for people to provide a more precise way to interact with family, friends, and the pages they like. It goes beyond a simple click of the “like” button to provide a more realistic way to communicate with one another.


For Buzzfeed, emotional responses are more of a trackable metric. Instead of looking at how many people read an article or how many unique visitors content might get, Buzzfeed tracks metric data on how people react to their content. This allows producers, editors, and writers be able to craft content that is better suited to the individualized desires of each reader.


Unique custom content which is created with the core visitor in mind naturally boosts readership metrics. Tracking emotional responses to content as a metric makes sense.


Aren’t Emotional Responses an Incomplete Metric?


Some would say yes because Buzzfeed will have more unique visitors than emotional responses on every piece of content, but the answer is a resounding no. Every website has one core consumer base: visitors who interact with their site. You want interaction because that boosts your chances of having a visitor click on your ad banners, purchase your products, or convert in some other way you prefer.


This is why just having an emotional response as a communication tool for your website isn’t good enough. You must create a meaningful metric from this data so you can evolve your content as your core visitor segments evolve.


If you don’t have a way to track emotional responses, then you’re missing out on some key data points. Discover what your visitors want, provide it, and you will create a better overall value proposition with every post you upload.


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