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So you create some amazing content but are missing feedback from your users. Comments and shares are a great way to gauge how people are reacting, but are also a higher commitment from your users. If you are looking for a way to encourage more of users to engage with your content, you have to find something that is fun and easy for them to use.


The solution?



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Think about it: Emoji use has exploded recently and has become a simple and fun way for people to share their emotions online and with friends. Especially as more people are browsing the web from their mobile phones, emojis allow users to share complex feelings with just the click of the button.


Need more convincing? Facebook the multibillion dollar website with over a billion users has recently released Emoji Reactions to expand on the “like” button, and allow users to share their emotions.



Emoji and Your Website

You may be asking “how do I get emoji rating for my website?”


Start by adding this fun emoji rating system to your website.

Using a combination of different smilies, users can leave their emotion by clicking on one of the faces.



Have a post that makes your users excited? At the bottom of the article your users can then select the “excited” icon from the 5 options and easily tell you what they are feeling.


To add it to your site, you can get your free html code by registering on their website, here.


You can then choose from a variety of languages and design options.


A few examples of design themes here:


What do you think? Let me know in the comments or be clicking on one of these fun emoji reactions below.


DD Emoticon Icon Set 54399 PreviewFeatured Image from vecteezy