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This article will compareCompare Yotpo vs Trustpilot – both of them gets users reactions and reviews from the commerce site and gives a higher understanding and higher user engagement. So, What is better Yotpo or Trustpilot? If you wish to have a quick way to find out which CRM Software product is better, by the numbers, our exclusive system gives Yotpo a score of 9.0 and Trustpilot a score of 8.5 for total quality and platform ROI and performance. Furthermore, Yotpo is rated at 90%, while Trustpilot is rated 95% for their user satisfaction level – according to users feedbacks.

In order to fully understand the difference we need to review their product details, including features, tools, options, plans, costs, and many more. However, you need to see if the application can customize at least part of its funnels to guarantee the app fits your own business procedures.

At this time, the most popular products in our Reputation Management Software category are: Yotpo, Qualtrics CX, Hootsuite.