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A Better Option than 5 Stars Rating

In the past, having a 5 star rating for your site or business set you apart from the rest of your competition. It told people that you’re dedicated to giving customers 100% every single day. That was yesterday. Today an emoji rating system is your better option and here’s why.


#1. You get real feedback based on emotions.

Systems like Vicomi Feelbacks allow users to rate their emotional response to the experiences your site or business offered them. Instead of just listing down a set of facts, people can begin to discuss how a site or business made them feel and what that means to their lives.


#2. It establishes a deeper connection.

Why do people go to a local hardware store instead of a national retail chain to pick up tools? It’s because they have a relationship with that local store. These customers will pay more because this relationship has more value to them than saving a few bucks does when it makes them feel anonymous. Emoji ratings can help to inspire more loyalty through those deeper connections.


#3. People trust online information.

It’s been said that 90% of the statistics on the internet are made up. Despite this perception, 3 out of 4 people trust online reviews when they see them. For emoji ratings, this means prospects and visitors are going to trust the emotional responses that have been logged about you. If you make a majority of people feel happy or inspired, then you’ll begin to build a larger audience.


#4. It’s simple and easy to install.

Many emoji reviews can be installed as a plugin, widget, or other addition to your site. It takes just minutes to begin collecting this data.


Your 5 star rating has brought you business opportunities in the past. Let emoji ratings bring you business in the future. Get started today and you’ll find that the additional information people provide about you can really help your bottom line.


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