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To grow a website, you must know what your end user wants. This requires you to gather data on your visitors so you can better understand their needs. Here are some of the most effective tools available right now that can help to make this job a little easier.

5 Easy Ways to Gather Visitor Data on Your Site

#1. Vicomi Feelbacks. Have you ever received a text from someone and misinterpreted its meaning? Visitors do this with website content all of the time. This is because written communication can inspire unplanned emotions in those who read the published words. With Vicomi Feelbacks, you can give your visitors a chance to show you how they feel about your content. Best of all, it’s free.

#2. Heat Maps and Touch Points. Knowing the touch points of your visitors can help you see which areas are strong and which areas need some extra fortification. This is a paid service which starts at $249 per month, so it isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you need mobile and in-store solutions for end user feedback in addition to site usage feedback, there isn’t a better system available right now than this one.

#3. Customer Surveys. Numerous organizations provide basic survey forms which you can send to an email list or include as a pop-up option for new visitors to your site. This gives you immediate and tangible information which can be used to improve your value propositions. Look for a service which will give you real-time data so you can quickly adjust to evolving needs. Some survey programs will even trigger specific data collection tools based on visitor behaviors.

#4. Visitor Polls. There are numerous plugins and widgets available that will allow you to create custom poll questions to gather end user data. A simple multiple choice question will let you begin to see specific trends on issues that are relevant to the visitors which are finding your website. Look for an option which gives you unlimited customization options and several multiple choice answers that can be tracked to achieve the best results.

#5. Live Chat. If there’s something missing from your website, you’ll find that visitors are willing to discuss this with you if they have the option to do so. A live chat option provide this opportunity. You can also install reporting tools that are similar to the live chat box which will allow you to gather data on visitor opinions. As a bonus, having a chat or feedback window can also increase conversion rates because it gives visitors a chance to have specific questions answered for them.

Knowing what end users want and then meeting that need is the recipe for success your online presence needs. Consider these 5 options today so you know what your visitors are thinking, evolve your message as necessary, and your site will begin building a strong foundation for the future.