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5 Types of Rating Widgets and Where to Find Them

Whether you are running a giant news website, a small blog, an online store, or a site to show off your portfolio, it is important to give your audience an opportunity to leave feedback.   Comment sections are a great… Continue Reading →

5 Proven Ways To Monetize Your Site/Blog

If you aren’t making money with your online presence, then you’re missing out a potentially profitable experience. Here are the top ways to monetize your site/blog right now.   1. PPC or CPM Advertising This is the most common method… Continue Reading →

The Best Poll Plugins for your WordPress

Polls are a great way to communicate with your audience while also gaining usable data for your website. You can add a feedback poll to ask your readers, “what type of content would you would like more of”, or “ways in which we… Continue Reading →

10 Tips and Tricks For Creating a Killer Blog

Whether you are creating your first blog or looking for ways to improve your existing one, these simple blog tips and tricks will help you write better content, improve your user experience, and increase traffic to your site. These 10 tips… Continue Reading →

Top FREE WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

Looking to start a blog, or searching for ways to improve your current one? We have compiled a list of the best WordPress plugins to help enhance the look and feel of your blog, decrease loading speed, and improve SEO, social sharing… Continue Reading →

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