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Top 4 emotional analytics tools for WordPress compared

  How you say things is sometimes more important than what you say. Seth Grimes of Alta Plana Corporation in his 2016 blog confirms that emotions drive interactions. And interactions lead to profits. This article will try to explain how… Continue Reading →

Facebook Reactions – A more emotional “like”?

Facebook reaction buttons have arrived and they are the company’s response to how the limited nature of the “like” to express a variety of emotion.   Prior to this announcement, there was debate about whether Facebook would pair their famous… Continue Reading →

The Best Alternatives to the “Like” System

Facebook can’t be ignored because it has nearly 2 billion users. The system of “likes,” however, isn’t very useful in gauging the quality of your content. Many users admit they just click the link based on what they see in… Continue Reading →

5 Proven Ways To Monetize Your Site/Blog

If you aren’t making money with your online presence, then you’re missing out a potentially profitable experience. Here are the top ways to monetize your site/blog right now.   1. PPC or CPM Advertising This is the most common method… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Promote Your Blog and Actually Get Visitors

Are you tired of blog posts that are getting a dozen hits at most? Knowing how to promote your blog can help to bring in more unique visitors, create more fans, and expand your presence on the internet. Here are… Continue Reading →

Outbrain and Other Top Content Recommendation Tools

Content recommendation tools make sure that you get the right content in front of the right prospect at the right time. These recommendation engines work using different algorithms but their main goal is to identify the user and suggest the… Continue Reading →

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