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How to Add Blogger Reactions to My Website

Blogger is a great place for writers like yourself looking to get your content out there and start forming a reader base. However, after a certain point you may start to feel limited by bloggers platform and will look to… Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Reactions For Your Site

  The new season of Game of Thrones is finally here and to celebrate it Vicomi created GoT emoji reactions for your site! Reactions buttons, for those who are not familiar, are a new trend in web design that provide… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Website like Buzzfeed

  Its no wonder that sites over the web are trying to capture Buzzfeeds recipe for virality: drawing over half a billion page views, and over 160 million people this month, Buzzfeed effectively attracts and maintains an eager audience to its site. Google… Continue Reading →

Buzzfeed Buttons for my website

For those inspired by Buzzfeed’s “Your Reaction?” section and looking it to your website, I have both good and bad news: the bad news is that buzzfeed does not provide their badges or “Your Reaction?” for outside websites, but the… Continue Reading →

How to Use Playbuzz to Create Viral Quizzes

Playbuzz surprised everyone last November beating out past winners, the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, as the most-shared English language site on Facebook. This was the first time since Facebook started recording data on publishers that neither the Huffington Post nor Buzzfeed… Continue Reading →

Buzzfeed vs Facebook Reactions

Buzzfeed vs. Facebook: the ultimate showdown in reaction buttons! Both Facebook’s reactions and Buzzfeed “your reaction?” offer another way to engage users, and allow them to share their thoughts outside of the standard comment systems. As I mentioned in a… Continue Reading →

6 Ways To Improve the UX of Your Website

What is UX? It’s stands for “user experience” and refers to how visitors are able to interact, navigate, and communicate while on your website. Content might be king, but a good UX is absolutely necessary for people to want to… Continue Reading →

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