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A Better Option than 5 Stars Rating

A Better Option than 5 Stars Rating In the past, having a 5 star rating for your site or business set you apart from the rest of your competition. It told people that you’re dedicated to giving customers 100% every… Continue Reading →

Emotional Response – Why Your Website should have it

  Are Emotional Responses Metrics or Just Simple Feedback?   Two companies are utilizing emotional responses in two very different ways. For Facebook, emotional responses are a way for people to provide a more precise way to interact with family,… Continue Reading →

Buzzfeed vs Facebook Reactions

Buzzfeed vs. Facebook: the ultimate showdown in reaction buttons! Both Facebook’s reactions and Buzzfeed “your reaction?” offer another way to engage users, and allow them to share their thoughts outside of the standard comment systems. As I mentioned in a… Continue Reading →

5 Easy Ways to Gather Visitor Data on Your Site

To grow a website, you must know what your end user wants. This requires you to gather data on your visitors so you can better understand their needs. Here are some of the most effective tools available right now that… Continue Reading →

Emoji Rating For My Website

So you create some amazing content but are missing feedback from your users. Comments and shares are a great way to gauge how people are reacting, but are also a higher commitment from your users. If you are looking for… Continue Reading →

6 Ways To Improve the UX of Your Website

What is UX? It’s stands for “user experience” and refers to how visitors are able to interact, navigate, and communicate while on your website. Content might be king, but a good UX is absolutely necessary for people to want to… Continue Reading →

Add Facebook Reactions to my website

We have covered Facebook’s reactions in quite a few posts recently. As a site that discusses tools and ways for your users to “react” and engage with your content, Facebook reactions are a great example of where the internet should be… Continue Reading →

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