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Emotional Response – Why Your Website should have it

  Are Emotional Responses Metrics or Just Simple Feedback?   Two companies are utilizing emotional responses in two very different ways. For Facebook, emotional responses are a way for people to provide a more precise way to interact with family,… Continue Reading →

Emoji Rating For My Website

So you create some amazing content but are missing feedback from your users. Comments and shares are a great way to gauge how people are reacting, but are also a higher commitment from your users. If you are looking for… Continue Reading →

Add Facebook Reactions to my website

We have covered Facebook’s reactions in quite a few posts recently. As a site that discusses tools and ways for your users to “react” and engage with your content, Facebook reactions are a great example of where the internet should be… Continue Reading →

Facebook Reactions: Here’s What You Need To Know

People have been limited with their communication online for a number of years. It is virtually impossible to indicate how content, status updates, pictures, and other forms of media actually make us feel. We’ve attempted to correct that situation with… Continue Reading →

Buzzfeed “Your Reaction?” WordPress Plugin

In our previous post, What You Can Learn From Buzzfeed about User Engagement, we used Buzzfeed as a case study for effective reaction tools: “Google is filled with posts analyzing Buzzfeed’s recipe for viral content. Instead of investing the content itself, I will explore the… Continue Reading →

Get Blogger Reactions for WordPress

“Reactions are an easy way for your readers to leave feedback on your blog without leaving a comment.”   – This description is taken from the Blogger support page and describes a popular feature known as “reactions”. Reactions – usually… Continue Reading →

The 4 Best Ways to Get Feedback On Your Blog Posts

Social integration is a critical component of the value mechanisms that are evaluated right now for website ranking. Having people provide you with feedback on your posts is a great way to prove your ability to engage others. Here are… Continue Reading →

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